Saturday, November 30, 2013

Guest Blogger Opportunities


Have something to say?   Want to include a link to your own site?

Mom Wants A Life wants to hear from you. 

What you can contribute:
1) A story (creative writing, poems, journal entries, funny stories, etc.) *
2) An article YOU created.
3) Favorite quotes (please provide proper attribution/link if the quote is not yours.)
4) A non-fiction story: funny, interesting, curious, etc.
5) A request for advice
6) Etc.

Here are the rules:
1) The work must be YOURS, absolutely NO copyright infringement.  Short quotes with proper attribution or famous quotes might be allowed.

2) The content must relate to the Mom Needs A Life Site--women's health, parenting (we're not looking for pregnancy or baby stuff, silly is totally okay, so are real tips, real adventures), going back to work, career tips, dreams, etc. self improvement, etc.  The target of this site is mainly,  but not limited to: moms in the middle stage of parenting or those close to empty nesting, middle-aged women, women ready for a change, etc.)  *The only flexibility here is the creative writing section.  The rules might be bent if it the piece is really good.

3) Absolutely NO lewd contact, rude attitude (funny, sarcastic is probably okay), no swearing.  Please save this for your site.  Controversial might be allowed, depending on the content.

4) *Regarding creative writing pieces: If you do NOT want to include your entire piece on this site OR if you are concerned about the content-- excerpts are welcomed.  Just make sure it's a good one, something that will pull the readers to your site!

5) No selling, affiliate links, spamming, etc. is allowed in or with the content.

6) Please, please make sure any articles are accurate and informative.  Otherwise, we both look bad.

7) Understand, potential contributions must be approved before they are published.  I will do my best to approve them within a day.  However, that isn't always possible.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can include YOUR LINK (blog, twitter, website, etc.) with your contribution, plus a brief notation about you or your site.   The only thing I ask, is that you kindly return the favor, and offer a link back to Mom Wants A Life. And if you really enjoy the site, spread the word.  I'm happy to do the same for you.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact me here: OR click on contact me

This opportunity is also available on my sister site:

One Life to Write.  

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