Saturday, November 23, 2013

Truth Be Told


I once told my lovely 10-year-old that she looked just like me when I was her age.   Oh, how pleased I thought she'd be.  After all, I was seeing a part of me blooming right in front of my eyes, bringing forth memories of my own childhood.  
She didn't quite agree, however.   In fact, despite my love for her, and motherly need to protect my offspring, I almost (extremely briefly) considered opening up her car door (yes, we were driving) and giving her a--well, a SHOVE to the gravel (in my defense we were moving very slowly, and the dirt was relatively soft).
Why my reaction?   Not only did her face turn sour, she also made a statement, and I quote:
"But, I don't want to look like you! 
You're old!" 

Never ask a child if they like your outfit, your hair, your makeup.  Don't ask if you look old.  Don't ask if you embarrass them.  Don't ask if they enjoyed the song you sang to them.  Don't ask them for a kiss. Don't ask anything if you don't want their version of the truth. And if you don't believe me, try it.

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