Sunday, November 17, 2013

You say potato, I say computer

My daughter called me a computer potato.

I guess that’s equivalent to a couch potato.

How embarrassing.  To be called out by my daughter.

In my defense, when I spend a half-day at my computer, I’m actually interrupted every two minutes by one of three kids, and, whenever my husband returns from a business trip, he becomes a major offender.  So—inevitably 30 minutes of computer time typically translates to five minutes of work success.  

I try to get my work done at bedtime.  Can you see three kids in one bed (yes, even though my oldest is a teenager)? I actually think it’s an excuse to stay up late.

Ho Hum. I guess she’s right.  Time to peel the potato. 

Ouch. The bad jokes are coming.  Yep, time to give up.

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