Friday, December 6, 2013

How was your morning?

My laundry room as of 7:15 am

Please note all of the things I have done wrong between 7-7:30 this morning--per my teenage daughter:

1) I did not wake her up (Why would I? She has an alarm clock AND her light was already on)

2) I did not find her a pair of socks

3) I did not grab her boots

3) I did not put her backpack in the car for her (I did make her lunch and put that in the backpack.  Thankfully, she will be at school when she opens it, and  not able to complain directly to me that I ruined her peanut butter sandwich.)

4) I did NOT throw all of the clean clothes from the dryer on the floor.  (She was kind enough to do that.)

5) However, it was my fault she did so, because I do not wash her clothes fast enough (3 loads a day is obviously not sufficient).  Nor did I take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them, haul her basket up to her room, and put them away for her.  Thus, she could not find the shirt she was looking for.

6) Apparently, at the bus stop I did not let her out at the exact spot she wanted me to, even though her "designated spot"  is where the bus parks.  Should I mention the bright flashing lights quickly taking over our car?

7) Last, but only because she's off to school, and definitely not least, I'm quite certain she believes it's my fault that I gave birth to her.  Because, without a doubt, I am responsible for giving her all the undesirable qualities she will possess today.  

Yes,  I still love her!

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