Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Being A Mom is Worth It

Note from my son 7-year-old son (translated as best I could)

Dear Mom and Dad,

You have guided me through life.  You have always been there for me my entire life.  And, Dad, you have always been my buddy my whole life.  And you are the only boy there for me when I need you.  I love you, Dad.

Mom, you have done everything to make life better. I love you mom.  If it wasn't for both of you.  I wouldn't be here right now.   I love you Mom and Dad.  You are the best parents.  Anyone would want you for parents, but you guys are here.  You are loved most with us. 

From Mom and Dad,

Because of you, I am home and I'm where I'm supposed to be with you guys.  I'm home.

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